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Fine Art Furniture

Artist designer Michael Redpath invites you to view his collection of fine art furniture sculptures.  NYC FunkArt depicts urban icons through highly stylized functional art.  The idea of painting on furniture is seen in history from the Egyptians to the Moderns and has been rediscovered again in the contemporary realm.  Michael's designs redefine what one thinks of as "furniture" by combining function with art.  Whether his work is showcased at home or at the office, it instantly becomes a conversational piece that is cherished by all.

"As a native New Yorker, I set out to capture the essense of the city in my designs, using furniture as my canvas.  I was inspired by the parallel I saw between early 20th Century furniture styles and the urban architectual environment around me.  Drawing upon a classical art  education, I developed a fascination with form and function, and began creating hand-painted, distinct, fine art furniture.  The pieces in this website are just a few possibilities of what NYC FunkArt can create for you."

All works are three-dimensional and one of a kind.  The attention to detail coupled with the use of recycled materials is what makes these pieces truly unique.

Mike's work has been featured in The NY TImes, Daily News, CBS, Fox News, and PBS.

NYC FunkArt

Cedar Chest


Coffee Table


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